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How To Make Money In The Towing Business

There are three basic ways to make money in the towing business:

  1. You can work for someone else as an employee, selling your hours to them which they will in turn sell at a higher rate to the end user.
  2. You can sell directly to the end user yourself and cut out the employer.
  3. You can become the employer and purchase time from employees selling their services to the end user.

What way you choose depends on where you are in life. If you have no knowledge of the business, and no money to invest in equipment and training then working for someone else is probably your best bet. But don’t be discouraged this is the best place to learn the industry. Most everyone in the towing business either worked for someone else or grew up in the business. The great thing about the towing business is that, to be successful, employers must properly train their employees. This means that besides on-the-job training you’ll be exposed to structured, professionally developed programs aimed at increasing knowledge and expertise.

But you will be required to put in long hours and the work isn’t easy. You’ll have to start at the bottom and be called out at all hours of the night but if you’re eager to learn, and you better be if you’re going to take this any further, then opportunities for advancement will appear.

Compensation as an employee ranges from straight commission to a salaried plus commission position depending on the company and the amount of business. Some motivated operators in large markets make upwards of $80,000 per year but they really go after it being available 24/7.

If you’re coming at this business from the outside don’t worry about not knowing anything most employers would prefer someone who’s trainable rather than a know-it-all whose dad used to own a tow truck. Most towing companies, especially the larger ones, are always looking to either increase their workforce or fill a vacancy so if you really want to be a tow truck driver don’t wait until there’s an ad in the paper. Take the initiative and contact the hiring manager and if you have any driving experience, and look respectable they might give you a shot.

There are a few things you can do to kill your chances at being hired. If you’ve ever seen the 1987 movie “Adventures in Babysitting” with Elizabeth Shue there’s a couple of scenes with a tow truck driver. He’s a crazy looking guy with bad teeth, a long beard and a hook for a hand. He’s dressed in a dirty jump suit and keeps a shiny 45 revolver in the glove box of his truck which he uses to shoot at a guy caught with his wife. This is not the image that tow company owners want for their businesses. This and other more recent depictions of tow truck drivers like “Lizard Lick Towing” are not reality they are a fiction fabricated by Hollywood types who must grab our attention with outrageousness in order to sell advertising. So if you really want to be a tow truck driver put these negative images out of your head.

A few do’s and don’ts when applying for a towing job.

  • Do dress nicely- I know when you’re out there crawling in the mud looking for a place to hook onto a car you’re going to get dirty but don’t be that way when you’re job hunting. They’re probably going to let you go home and get changed before you start anyway. The term “nicely” is subjective so a little on that. Where a clean button down shirt or polo, really any shirt that doesn’t have your favorite NASCAR driver’s face or an advertisement for alcohol plastered on it, and tuck it in. Jeans or slacks without dirt or holes that are pulled up so that you can tuck your shirt in Boots or shoes that cover your entire foot- Sandals or flip-flops tell me you’re not serious.
  • Don’t bring your phone in with you. If you start off a relationship with your potential employer by asking him to wait while you take a call or texting in the middle of an interview you will not get hired.
  • Don’t have more holes in your head than what you were born with. What I mean to say is if you have piercings take them out, let them close up and get on with your life. Look back on that time and those decisions as your misspent wild rebellious days but please don’t come in expecting to get hired unless they’re gone. I know this may sound insensitive but you’ve got to understand that the towing business is a service based business with customers that employees must deal with on a face to face basis. And if an employer has a choice, he will choose to have his customers interact with someone without excessive piercings…

3 Massive Reasons Innovation Should Be High on Your Business Radar

3 big reasons to innovate in business

I often get business owners suggesting that innovation isn’t required or not important. Why would I need to change they say… I’ve done it this way and it’s always worked. Usually I ask them how much closer are they to their goals as the same time last year. You can imagine the blank stares I see looking back in return.

So Innovation… what does it really mean to business? Well innovation is really just an idea or a concept of doing things differently. Yeah sure you can argue definitions here so allow me a minute or two to explain…

1. Businesses that innovate usually have lower overheads and greater margins.

These cost advantages come about because businesses that innovate typically critically review their cost structures. This means things like looking at the supply chains and understanding where their significant costs are and then reviewing how these dollars can be more wisely spent. Innovative business models utilise the low manufacturing costs of overseas suppliers and are able to negotiate more imaginative deals. Innovative businesses will review their overheads and look for opportunity to reduce costs in creative ways.

2. Businesses that innovate have multiple income streams.

Most innovative businesses look at expanding the number of income streams available to them. If we take a look at Apple you will notice that they have their Mac sales. Apple total revenue has most recently moved into touch devices and sales on their iTunes and App stores. The iTunes store currently accounts for around 10% of their total revenue and growing 100% year-on-year compared with a 3-4% increase in Mac sales.

We are not apple but we can utilise innovation in our business in just the same way. There is a growing trend online about providing additional income streams from webinars and audio books as well as the many creative ideas you could explore to develop new services and products in a new niche.

3. Businesses that Innovate employ better people.

Lets face it. Our business is represented by the people we employ. There has been a ton of research regarding the way individuals perceive innovation. In summary people are more likely to be happy in an environment of innovation and continuous improvement. If your employees are happy, your customers are happy. Not only that but if you have an environment in your innovative business that is friendly and happy you will naturally attract a higher quality employee and this in turn enhances your business.

The One Thing That Will Turn Your Business Around Every Time

Nowadays, with the economy the way it is, many online home business owners have realized that they have a good chance of going under if they do not start turning things around very quickly. If you are unsure about what you should be doing, do not think you are alone. Many business owners are facing the same scenario, and are anxious about their future livelihood.

Some people regard the failure of their business as inevitable, whilst others are ready to take on the challenge. This is nothing new. During the 1930′s, the great depression showed what can be achieved when the economy is in decline. Many businesses failed and some people committed suicide, due to their desperate financial circumstances. However, amidst the doom and gloom, there were people who flourished and prospered. They built great wealth with start up businesses in the center of all the chaos.

Essentially, business just comes down to one thing: sales. The greater the sales, the more profit you make. Providing your sales do not cost you more cash than you receive, you are in business. The only thing you have to concentrate on then are the overheads. Thus, to succeed in business, you just need to generate enough sales to exceed the cost of your overheads.

Boosting the quantity of your clients is not a straightforward proposition. Hence, the one thing that will turn your business around every time is converting more of the leads you already have into paying clients. Once you can show your leads that the product or service you are selling solves their problem(s), you have generated a sale. This may sound overly simplistic, but if you think about this logically, it is true.

This is how a top class copywriter can make all the difference. They know exactly how to prime your prospects, with words and imagery, so they become ready to purchase. If you own a business which is on the brink of failure, then you should start looking for ways to turn things around. Hiring someone who can write killer sales copy may just be the solution you are searching for.

The influential sales letters that these copywriters can conjure up are sure to entice your prospects and help your business make sales. Making more sales is going to help every aspect of your business and allow you to continue using good copywriters. You could even expand the service they offer to article writing or social media campaign that will help even more leads flow into your business.