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You Really Do Need A Business Coach

There is a common question many business owners and entrepreneurs are asked, and that question is, “What is one of the biggest mistakes you made when you started your business?” Without hesitation, my reply is always that I didn’t hire a business coach soon enough.

I wondered what a coach could do for my business that I couldn’t do. I had more than 30 years of experience in the corporate world, in a variety of industries, before venturing out on my own. It made sense to me at the time that it would be a strong enough foundation. What I didn’t realize is that there is so much more than personal experience that must come into the equation!

My business coach (when I finally realized I needed one), explained the benefits of having someone push, prod, nudge and steer you. Using a sports analogy, I asked how a life and business development coach differs from one who coaches sports. I quickly learned that there is no difference. Coaching is coaching. The players on the field know the game, know how to play, and are experts in their positions. But the coaches also know the game, and see a different view of what’s going on by standing on the sidelines.

Players can’t see the forest for the trees. You can only see what’s immediately around you, rather than being able to see the entire playing field. When in the game, it’s often difficult to see the individual plays, so the coach uses signals to tell the players what to do next.

It is the same principle with businesses. Entrepreneurs and business owners need someone to be on the sidelines seeing the whole picture. They (the coaches) can see what’s not working and can help make adjustments, which will improve the game. These adjustments help you move forward toward greater success – toward winning your game.

Can people really afford a business coach? I’m the strongest advocate for needing a business coach and can honestly say that you can’t do without one. One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting my inventory company was not having a coach. I now realize that it is a must so you can start right and stay on the right track.

A coach is truly your GPS. Without a map or someone steering you in the right direction, you won’t know how to get there. You’ll just drive in circles or wander around not knowing where you’re going. You’ll not have a pleasant end result. Working with a business coach helps you plan where you’re going before you get started, helps you around detours when you come upon one, and knows the steps (alternate routes) to take to get there.

Five Ways A Business Development Consulting Firm Can Help Your Business

For a small business owner, it may be challenging to get his or her company off the ground. Therefore, it may be necessary to enlist the services of a business development consulting firm. A consulting firm can help a new company figure out ways to expand and thrive in the marketplace. Here are five specific ways that a consulting firm can help your business thrive.

1) Target Your Customers Effectively

Do you know who your customers are? If you do know who your customers are, do you know how to reach them? A good consulting firm will show you what your customers need to hear before making a purchasing decision. From there, your business can devise a marketing plan that will convince customers that they need what your company has to offer.

2) Build An Online Presence

The Internet is an amazing marketing tool when used correctly. With proper guidance, your company can build a solid online presence that can be leveraged to increase sales and increase visibility for your products or services.

3) Develop Your Brand

A good brand can sell products all by itself. Therefore, it is important that your company has a strong brand that customers can identify with. If your company wants to be known for great customer service, offering 24 hour service to handle returns could be something that your business could offer. Another good idea would be to have a call center that is open around the clock to address customer complaints and concerns.

4) Learn How To Interact With Other Businesses

Other businesses in your area may want to promote their products in your store. In exchange, these businesses may be willing to promote your products in their store. For example, your lawn mower supply company may want to partner with a hardware store or a landscaping business to create a dynamic marketing initiative. Your lawn mowers could be promoted in the hardware store while your company helps to promote your local landscaping company.

5) Understand Where Opportunities For Growth Are

There are always opportunities for your company to grow. Whether it is expanding into other markets, targeting new customers or creating new products, sales should never stay stagnant. A consulting firm will be able to point out these opportunities to you well before you have thought of them. This will enable you to be the first company in your industry to enter a new market or to create a new product that customers desperately need. Typically, the company that is first to offer a product or service is the company that is associated with that product or service even after competitors offer something similar. This makes it easier to maintain a larger portion of the market share.

When used correctly, a consulting firm can be your best friend. You will have someone who you can turn to when you need advice or at a loss for ideas. The best part is that most consulting firms are staffed by people who have experience in the business world. This experience can be used to give your company a leg up on the competition.

Business and the Economy in the United States

I have got to admit that I am a person who keeps his ear to the ground. The economy of the United States is hurting business in this country, and to say that we need to do something about it is understating the issue.

No I’m not asking the government to get involved I know that they can’t do anything about it. The idea is to get some people that still have the American spirit in them to take a chance. We need to bring industry back to this country in a bad way.

Back in the day a person would risk their own money to start a business, and they may also borrow some from a bank or an investor. The tax hikes, and the new tax laws are making it very hard for people to risk their money to start a business.

The whole idea of America is that people have the freedom to make their dreams come true. As I have said before with the current tax code, and politicians trying to punish the rich people investors are quickly exiting this country.

I don’t know if you have asked a bank to loan money on your business lately, but most of them won’t do it. You may get lucky enough to find a small local bank that will help you, but none of the big banks are loaning to small business right now.

When you really look closely at the economy, and the things that are making it bad you can’t really blame the banks for not loaning money right now. You have the government out there making the banks the bad guy is the situation by modifying home loans and making the banks lose money.

Then you have the government out there constantly trying to beat down the rich people. If you think about it these are the people who will be helping you get your business started unless you have all of the money to do it in your pocket right now.

Believe me if your start a business you will need the rich and successful people at some point in the process. If you think that going to the bank to get a loan for your business isn’t the rich helping you start your business then you better think again.

As an American I just get sick of hearing how bad the rich people are. The whole idea of the United States was to give your the freedom to build your dreams. It seems that if a person builds their dreams these days and becomes a success that they are the bad guy.

Well i just don’t buy it. Yes there are a few rich people out there who are doing horrible things with their money. But the bottom line is that the millionaire living down the street probably is just a normal guy that same as any other person, except that he is successful.

It’s difficult to start a business in this day and age with the government regulations, and money printing we never know what’s coming next. If you look at it the right way, we never really did know what was coming next that is the reason that starting a business is a risky process.

The truth is that the positive parts of it still out weighs the negative side, and if you have the vision, the fortitude, and the sheer guts to start a business, you could be one of the people who helps bring the economy back to this country.

Yes it’s hard to get money to start a business. That is because of the economy, and the fact that people are worried about the future. If you look at it in the right light we have been here before. Not quite to this degree but we always seem to get through the bad things in this country.

If you keep trying to get your dream started it will happen at some point. I have had things happen while trying to get my shop going that have made me want to quit trying. I do a very modest amount of business right now, but that will all change soon.

To end this little story. I had an investor about four years ago, and he pulled out saying that he had to protect his money, he had to hide it from the government. It has taken me this long to locate another investor because of the economy, and the nefarious things that the federal government is doing.

I now have a new investor who is working on getting my deal finished. Yes he is a rich person, and I appreciate that fact that he is rich because that means that he can help me get my dream moving. I never gave up and now good things are happening.

Yes the economy is bad, but sometimes we just have to take a chance on the fact that this is the United States OF America. We must keep trying, and never forget that it is those who persist that get the rewards in life. Nobody is going to make your dream happen for you.