Business Ideas – You’ve Got to Know Where to Find Them – Part 2

Anything under the sun can be turned into a business. You’ve just got to know how to package it correctly, reach the right audience and convince them that they need what you offer.

Take game apps for instance: They didn’t exist in the past, so nobody bought them and people looked for other forms of entertainment such as movies.

Now that they’re here, people still watch movies, but they also buy game apps. Game apps do not prolong human life, eradicate disease, rid the world of hunger or “change the world”, per say, but they were packaged so well, reached the right audience and served 1 easily overlooked human need: Accessible Entertainment.

They were so fresh, and new, and enticing that people snapped them up and made their creators rich.

Digital Downloads & ebooks are another great example. 10 years ago, who would have taught that people would pay for computer files!

My point is that ANYTHING can be turned into a business idea, and then into a business.

However, ideas rarely happen in a vacuum i.e They rarely just pop into your head.

You need to be inspired by something: A movie you watched, a book you read, a kid’s toy…

Also, the initial idea is rarely a success. It needs to be refined many, many, many times. And usually lots of money just gets wasted during the development process. Welcome to the ‘School of Hard Knocks’…

So Where Do I Start?

You can start your search for ideas by listing the daily problems that erk you, and then looking for solutions for them. Even the simplest, smallest problems can lead to the biggest businesses. Movies don’t solve any of life’s “big problems”. They simply serve our need for entertainment. Yet look how big Hollywood is.

What can you do? Can you walk a dog? Can you babysit? You can start by doing these things yourself. Then you can hire others to do it for you. Boom! Suddenly you have a dog-walking agency, or a babysitting agency.

All entrepreneurs are essentially in the business of solving problems. Couple that with loads of passion and you’ve got the makings of a very successful business. It’s not going to be easy, but stick with it and the rewards will be great. It’s much more than money: It’s about building something from nothing and watching it flourish into something of value.

“Do Something Today. Every Brick of Failure Builds The Path to Success.”