Link Building Ideas for Small Businesses

If the time is right for your small business, a basic search engine optimization strategy can do a world of good. Not only will it help you get found by people searching the web, but it will go a long way in defining your business to the major search engines. This has some great long term implications.

Getting indexed properly with sites like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can really be the make it or break it for a website. This couldn’t be truer for a small business that probably cannot devote too much time or money to these search engine optimization efforts. Becoming relevant for the keywords that both define your business, and those used by customers to search for your offering is extremely critical.

Having this setup correctly at first will set your site and search engine optimization work up for success in the future. The added bonus is that you will be coming up closer to the front page of search results more often, and landing more clicks. I think we can all agree that would be very helpful.

So the details of building links aside, what are some effective ways for small business to actually get links. It’s well known that it is essential to actually reach out and ask people for links back to your site. But who should you reach out to?

Obviously it depends on both your business and industry, but if look in the right places there are many opportunities to start building links for your site. Not all of them will have the high authority and ranking that we all probably want, but traffic is traffic and you got to start somewhere.

Here are some great ideas for people to contact and where to begin looking for some basic links.

Maybe your business has some connections or partners within your industry. Simply ask them to include a link on their own business’ site back to yours. It doesn’t need to be overly promotions, just something saying you are affiliated.

If you can expand on this relationship and really use it your advantage even better. Take the reciprocal route and offer to link to their site in return. It doesn’t cost you anything and will show your relationship from both sides.

Look and see if there are blogs related to your offering or industry. Even if they are not directly related, blog authors are always looking for fresh ideas for a story or new blog post. Use this to your advantage and propose some content to them that relates to you.

There are two ways to approach this situation, depending on what their typical blog is about. Either make it promotional and explain the rest benefits of your product or service, or evaluate a topic with your opinion, given your industry knowledge.

Both of these angles would be deserving of a link back to your website, and with the traffic blogs are getting today it can be hugely valuable. But don’t settle for a single author, keep trying to expand your network, meet new people, have content repeated, shared, and new posts added.

That way your links will be building up, but so will your own business’ awareness which will hopefully lead to more sales.

Are you connected to any distributors or stores? Their websites can be great places to find links. A brick and mortar location with a website or just a simple e-store will always want to provide more information to their customers. Take advantage of this fact and ask to be linked back to your site to provide just this.

Maybe they are having a promotion or just featuring your offering. Make sure people can find you site and learn everything there is about you, once they visit your seller.

If you product or service is tangible or reviewable, consider sending our some free samples, sneak peaks, or free trials to people. Look around the web for people willing to try things out and right comprehensive, good reviews about them online.

They will likely have a blog and be more than willing to do so if they get your product for free. Because after all, everyone likes free stuff. Make sure they include a link back to your site in their review so you get credit where it’s due. If you have faith in your offering and know what your provide is good, then have no fear and send some samples away for review.

Many times these reviewers can have huge audiences that are likely interested as well, so you might even receive some great traffic from using this option.

Check out local news sites like the Patch for some coverage of your business. Use any advantage you have at the time and pitch that as a part of your whole story. Maybe your business is new and looking to reach more customers in town. Sell that fact and hyper local news sites like this will be happy to help you out.

Just like bloggers, they are always looking for fresh content and new stories. Giving them exactly this with a local perspective will almost guarantee you a spot no the site. This will come with a link that hopefully will bring you some good local traffic as well.

Sites like this are highly reputable among the search engines, since they are basically very local online newspapers and get great traffic.

Give some of these ideas a shot and before long you will hopefully be seeing increased traffic and better results among search engines. You have to start somewhere, and taking a grassroots search engine optimization approach is perfect for a small business.